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Today Klättermusen launch it’s FW20 collection. By learning from various mountain conditions, the collection combinates technological advancements and new fabric upgrades meant to aid mountaineers, and urban heads, all over the world.

Since it’s founding in 1975 it has become a staple in Scandinavian mountaineering equipment. Klättermusen roughly translates to ”the climbing mouse” and the brand’s rigorous outerwear pieces are first and foremost meant to be used as outerwear, but the ongoing outerwear trend in fashion has made many outdoorsy styles pop up in urban environments all over the world. We speak to Isabelle Liahaugen, head designer of the collection, on how to style outerwear pieces to work in the city and vice versa.

How do you balance the urban and outerwear design approach? Can you please both sides? 

— It is a harsh world out there, urban and in the mountains. We all need to be dry, safe, warm, and sometimes cool, in a comfortable way.  Today most of us live in a mix of worlds and we are no exceptions. I feel that as long as we are true to our own needs and wishes we can’t really go wrong. Hopefully, that is recognized in both worlds and we can inspire to mix more.

Where did you find inspiration for the collection? 

— Actually, I have the same answer to this question every season. There is no simpler way to get inspiration than living the life you are preaching. I do not always have the opportunity to be on the mountain myself all the time, but since I live on the side of the mountain, I am constantly in the world of people who actually are out there every day. So, together we question, innovate and problem solve. There is no limit to how much we can evolve the brand. Mountaineering is our core and the wish to go higher, be stronger, and push the limits is the ever-lasting inspiration.  And since we want to continue to live and breathe in this nature of ours, we do not compromise in safety and sustainability.

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