”I believe all people have a lot to gain from nature. It’s a source for well-being”

Part of Peak Performance’s new fall/winter collection is the highly anticipated Possesions of my Soul drop, that the Swedish outdoor brand has made happen with the help of Ben Gorham. Gorham has always lived in large cities, and before he discovered winter sports he would stay in the city and couldn’t wait for the dark and cold season to end. But eventually he came in contact with nature and is now a passionate winter explorer.

— I want people to understand how magical nature is. Cities are more or less the same. When you first experience nature, a whole new world opens and the world all of a sudden becomes much more interesting. A new adventure can start, Gorham states.

To help him convey this message and get people to hit the outdoors, Gorham and Peak Performance have designed a total of 19 pieces. Base layers, jackets, pants, and padded flannel shirts have gotten edgy shells with an urban application. Gore-Tex is a recurring material for the various pieces, which lets us know that the pieces will work on the mountain and on the sidewalk.

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