Halebop unveils one-of-a-kind Air Jordan collaboration with theheyyman

The Swedish telecommunication company Halebop has gone for a rather unorthodox sales approach to attract new cellphone plan subscribers, Hypebeast reports. The subscription includes a 100GB data plan, the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 and a never-before-seen Air Jordan 1 sneaker, exclusively designed by Nicholas ”theheyyman” Avery. The LA-based designer refurbishes and customizes popular sneakers and has gathered quite a buzz on social media for his takes on various Air Jordans, that usually comes with a hefty price tag.

And the Halebop sneaker is no exception. Halebop calls it ”the world’s most expensive subscription”, but is yet to present a final price. The subscription plan is available in October solely for Swedish customers, and only eleven people will have a chance to get a hold of the care package.