OM-SE launches plant-based luxury skincare

They describe how skincare commonly has high markups and hold preservatives for products to last up to 3 years. It allows them to travel between middlemen and eventually, whenever you decide to open that jar of cream, it endures 12 months on your shelf.

— Surely I don’t want to layer expensive products with preservatives good for three years on my skin, just to support an old-fashioned way of doing business, Jenny Huurinainen states.

Their own journey started at home five years ago when Jenny, post-pregnancy with their son, had enough of dealing with her unbalanced skin, not keen on going on hormone treatments. 

— Instead, I began to create my own potent natural skincare formulas, she tells. Inspired by the FODMAP methodology, I started by simplifying, testing one ingredient at a time, only adding ingredients that made a difference for my skin. And completely eliminate all ingredients that normally are in skincare products to fill out, secure long shelf life, add texture, or a seducing scent. All I aimed for was to create a formula that made my skin radiant. And, boy it did! For the first time in my adult life, I didn’t feel the need to wear makeup. Jacob also started to use the products and got a glow that drew attention at work. The business idea for a unisex skincare brand sparked, so we converted the hobby project into a company.

With Jenny’s background in marketing strategy and online branding and Jacob as an Art Director and Graphic Designer within design and fashion, they entered the beauty industry with a different approach to how to make a skincare formulation, price strategy, and business model. 

— We’ve been told many times that ”this is not how things are done”, the duo tells. From fresh skincare and shelf life to putting more cheap filler ingredients in the formula, and crazy high minimum order quantities of packaging and batch sizes. 

Their brand, OM-SE, now launches with extensive attention to detail.

— It’s plant-based luxury skincare with a range of four simplified, multipurpose products created for all faces, regardless of gender, colour, or skin-type. We produce in Sweden, in small batches to ensure maximum freshness, and are directly available to consumers online. Skipping retailers and other middlemen, we priced the products at a level that we and our friends could afford to use every day.

To make skincare — and life — even more simplified, OM-SE offers a Never-Run-Out service that guarantees always having skincare products at home. 

— We give a great discount when subscribing to one or more products, simply because it makes our batch-planning more accurate, and that helps minimize overproduction and more fresh products for your shelf. A routine of three of our products will cost slightly more than one Euro (13 Swedish Kronor) a day when subscribing, with delivery every third month.

”Skincare ingredients do not know the gender of the skin — marketers do.”

The duo tells how they use plenty of not only exclusive but also potent ingredients for their products. They have also printed all of them on the bottle — compared to lifting one or two active ingredients and hiding the rest as commonly done — and give you a deep-dive to each botanical on their web site. To further prove the importance of transparency, they’ve partnered with the Skinfo service, using their third-party INCI [International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients, to identify cosmetic ingredients, Ed’s note] tool on the site.

— We also share the percentage of essential oils being used to manifest that ingredients are also about dosage. What you see, feel, and smell is the essence of each natural ingredient, nothing more, nothing less. 

— A cream or lotion is a fixed blend of water and oil. When applying more cream it gives you more of everything, not only the part your skin craves. By separating water and oil into two types of products, we make it possible to create a personalized skincare routine. Just modify the proportions of hydration and nutrition — with our Face Mist and Face Oil respectively — as you mix them in the palm of your hand and then apply on your skin. This flexible nature means that our products work for all faces and seasons. Men’s skin is about 20% thicker than women’s, but dry skin is dry skin, and oily is oily. Skincare ingredients do not know the gender of the skin — marketers do. We’ve only included ingredients for their performance and that actually makes a difference, not for any marketing or price strategy reason and, as mentioned, never to fill out.

The products come in a sleek, minimalistic packaging, designed to be as pretty as a nice bottle of perfume, to stand as the crown of the bathroom shelf, and not to scream for attention on store shelves. The biophotonic ultraviolet glass bottles are chosen for their ability to preserve and enhance the quality of the content. 

— White-, brown-, green, and even painted glass let rays pass through and don’t offer enough protection against decomposition. The boxes are made of Swedish FSC-classified paper. We treat our skincare like fresh food and display a best-before-date on both box and bottle.

To finish up, Jenny Huurinainen questions how many products we really need.

— Take a look in any bathroom. How many products do you see? Too many! Cosmetic trends, from the 10-step K-beauty routine to newness-thrilling Glossyboxes, have created a demand for consuming and using many different products. The conventional cosmetic industry is convincing us that we need one product to solve one issue at a time. While one product is addressing a specific condition, it many times also creates another — unbalance.


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Why FOREO’s latest beauty device activates all 69 muscles in the face

Clara Sandell, Head of Marketing, Foreo Nordics, describes how innovation is in the Swedish global beauty tech brand’s DNA.

— With everything that has happened, investing in yourself and your wellbeing has truly never been more important.

She describes BEAR as perhaps being the most exciting launch this fall.

— It’s a device that combines microcurrent and our T-Sonic pulsations to activate all 69 muscles in the face and neck to really give your face a true workout by toning and firming your skin, tells Sandell. It helps your skin build collagen, repair elastin, and tighten your face through electrical currents that mimic your body’s own natural processes. It also comes with an Anti-Shock system, which is the world’s safest — and probably cutest — microcurrent device on the market. Connected to our app, I’d describe it as a pocket-sized personal trainer for your face, also offering guided facial massages and workouts, and personalized device settings.

The new Cannabis Seed Oil mask is an addition to the Natural Collection of smart masks.

— It uses Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil from Germany that calms and soothes the skin. The Natural Collection masks are paired with the UFO 2 device, using both heating, cryotherapy, and a full spectrum of LED lights so that you can have a luxurious spa treatment at home. It does wonders for your skin in only 90 seconds, says Sandell.

Last, but not least, FOREO has added a new member to the LUNA range.

— LUNA 3 Men is a facial cleansing device specifically designed to suit men and their skincare needs. We all need skincare, and of course a little self-pampering moment every once in a while, and with this launch, we really want to emphasize that skincare is for everyone.


Science-based Beauté Pacifique uses Nordic superfruits for innovative serum

For the premium Danish skincare brand, science, effect, and documentation are three indispensable principles, both in their daily operations and the skincare products they create.

— They’re made to fulfill near-medical claims and the claimed benefits can be demonstrated objectively at the sales outlets by our advanced Medical Ultrasound DermaScan. We use a unique delivery system in our formulation of our products, so the active ingredients work in the deepest layers of the skin. We’re offering free scans of people’s skin and thorough guidance and recommendation from the results. When they come back for a new scan after two or three months using the tailored skincare products, we can show them the effect in the deepest layers of the skin as well as what they can see in the mirror already, tells Mette Schulhauser Nilsen, Export Manager.

The new Superfruit Moisture Enforcement Serum features a bunch of the best ingredients Scandinavian nature can offer.

— It has many preventative and also maintenance benefits and contains extracts and juice from the Nordic superfruits sea buckthorn, cloudberry, lingonberry, sugar beet, and birch. It prevents impurities and redness in young skin while making the skin more even. Two different kinds of extremely water-binding hyaluronic acid provide the skin with a thorough, long-lasting moisture boost, keeping the skin supple. It also contains the B vitamins niacinamide and panthenol, which enhance the ability of the skin’s outermost barrier to protect it from potential everyday impacts and dehydration. All in all, it leaves the skin well moisturised and invests it with a natural glow, preparing it well for day cream and makeup.

It also has a really nice texture. What’s the secret?

— This serum is water-based, and it has this moisturising gel texture from the effective and specially chosen ingredients. Many of the ingredients have a moisture-binding effect and when they all come together they create this soft and delicate texture, says Schulhauser Nilsen.


In Reverse

We’ve all felt like the odd one out at a party. Everyone else has something in common but as you’re lacking that something shared, you drift away to the fringes. If you’re lucky, you come across a fellow drifter and maybe have a few drinks together. For most people, an experience like this isn’t life-changing. For Lars Fredriksson, it was the beginning of a nearly 30-year career in the skincare industry.

Fredriksson was fresh out of college, newly married, and — coincidence or fate? — was in the right place at the right time. 

— I met this guy and he said, ”A good friend of mine is looking for a person like you, I need to connect you guys.” And that’s how it all started, Fredriksson says. 

Fast forward almost three decades and Fredriksson and his wife are running Verso Skincare — a high-end skincare brand with innovative in-house facial products and a striking Scandinavian aesthetic. 

— The funny thing is that my wife was a musical artist at that time and so it was actually a premier party… and me and the guy were the only two people at the premier who weren’t in that industry. That’s why we ended up in the bar.

Fredriksson launched Verso in Sweden 2013 and rapid organic growth means the compact range of serums and creams is already available in over 25 countries. As well as being industry-leading in terms of science, the ”proud to display” packaging of Verso has given the brand a highly desirable cachet worldwide. Fredriksson credits his other half with the distinctive branding.

— My wife is no longer in the music industry but she’s most definitely part of the business today! She has the creative mind and is responsible for the dna and the communication and, you know, being the brand director, he says.

Verso is headquartered at the nucleus of a leading scientific-­research community near to the University of Stockholm’s campus at Frescati. This strategic location helped to directly inform product development and the ”eureka” moment for Fredriksson came with his Retinol 8 formulation.

Retinol is a derivative of Vitamin A acid (the medical substance) found in a wide range of cosmetic products. Every respectable and successful skincare brand has at least one retinol-focussed product and Fredriksson refers to it as the ”golden standard.” In layman’s terms, retinol makes skin cells behave like new-born cells, freshly sprung from the dermis layer of the skin.

Following clinical tests of different concentrations of retinol under the supervision of doctors from Karolinska University Hospital, Fredriksson arrived at a formulation that proved to be eight times as effective as traditional retinol, and half as irritative on top of that. The Verso brand was duly founded with the Super Eye Serum and Super Facial Serum hero products leading the charge. 

— What we’ve done, what makes it eight times more potent, is through testing the collagen incentive, which means how powerful and effective it is to produce new collagen, we’ve seen that it actually produces collagen that is eight times better than standard retinol. And at the same time, it’s actually 50 per cent less irritating than the traditional retinol. So that’s really what it’s all about. It just works. It does what Vitamin A is supposed to do and there’s really no more secret to it than that, Fredriksson says, summarising his game-changing proprietary discovery.

For the many people who still don’t have a daily skin regimen to mitigate the effects of age, the words ”it just works” will be reassuring. The company also continues to focus on the best in available science and the constant pursuit of improved formulas. The meld of innovation and Scandinavian design codes has galvanised Verso into a high-performing premium brand in the skincare segment. 

The brand’s impressive evolution has not gone unnoticed and at the beginning of the year the leading digital growth investor in the Nordics, eEquity, invested € 2.9 million (30 million sek) to boost Verso Skincare’s global traction. The company is profitable with a turnover of € 5 million and presently it employs less than 10 people. The fresh capital will allow for team expansion, growing the product portfolio, raising inventory-levels, better it, and intensified marketing and international rollout, with Fredriksson maintaining his position as the largest ­shareholder.

— We’re very impressed by how Lars and his team have developed a strong scientifically-proven brand with proprietary and patent-protected formulations. Verso’s product portfolio consists of 22 products today and Verso Skincare is already an up-and-coming indie brand with a strong brand identity and sales via more than 200 premium offline retailers and 50 e-tailers worldwide. With eEquity’s expertise in data driven business processes, it microservices, and influencer and paid marketing, we have a plan together with Verso Skincare to significantly grow the business globally, says Patrik Hedelin, partner at eEquity.

— I’m not a doctor myself. I studied marketing. I’ve been blessed by working with some really good dermatologists and professors here in Sweden, Fredriksson says, reflecting on the success of Verso to date and the exciting prospects that the future holds. 

Responding to how he himself manages to be remarkably vibrant and healthy-looking, Fredriksson doesn’t miss a beat.

— I use the Super Facial Serum. That’s the first product we developed. It works like a facial moisturiser and it just moisturises your skin so perfectly. And at the same time you get all the anti-aging benefits from it, thanks to a high concentration of our Vitamin A technology, he says. 

Fredriksson is a great living advert for his product as he looks undeniably good for his age. He’s modest though and emphasises the benefits of Vitamin A for all. 

— I strongly believe that everyone should use at least one Vitamin A-based product every day, men and women. I don’t say that you should only use that, but I think it’s a product and an ingredient that has such great benefits for the skin, he adds.

It doesn’t hurt that Verso products look so good as well.

— Yes! They should be a part of your bathroom… you’re not hiding them. They’re more like an interior product rather than a medical product, Fredriksson says.

Another reason Verso has been adopted into the skin routines of consumers all over the world is the versatility of the product range.

— Each and every one of Verso’s products have been developed as a stand-alone product, which means that it can be used by itself, together with other Verso products, or any other product. Verso is a kind of smorgasbord… anyone that is looking for a day cream or night cream, or a moisturiser or an eye serum or whatever, you’ll find whatever you’re looking for, and with our technology, you can add it into your routine and know that it’s going to work, he states. 

On the ever-present, unavoidable, and tiresome subject of covid-19, Verso has been fortunate enough to have survived so far without any devastating impact on the business. In fact, revenue has grown. 

— From a sales perspective and how things have worked out, we’re actually up. The whole online market has been able to cover all the loss from physical sales and so we’ve actually seen no negative impact in total. We’ve seen a negative impact in terms of the stores but if we look at the top line then we’ve actually seen growth, Fredriksson explains. 

Depending on where you are in the world, a strange irony during this pandemic is that our faces are now constantly covered outside of home. Our complexions are concealed. Skin is hidden. But Fredriksson isn’t worried that this odd and unwelcome social symptom will affect Verso. 

— I know people… and whenever they take the masks off, they still want to make sure that they have soft and elegant skin… so, we’re here to stay. 


Travis Scott and Byredo launch spacey scent collab

Travis Scott is one of the most influential collaborators oh his generation, and his business-orientated mindset has landed him partnerships with Nike, McDonald’s, Playstation and the cereal brand Reese’s Puffs to name a few. But for his latest collaboration the American rapper turns to Sweden and Byredo.

Byredo, founded by Ben Gorham, has launched a candle and a perfume under the collection name Space Rage. The brand communicates that the products have hints of cosmic dust, supernova, antimatter particles and starlight. If true, Byredo and Travis Scott look to have bottled up space in dégradé glass vessels, marked with glow in the dark text. Trippy!

The products are limited edition, and can be bought exclusively at, and in selected stores.


A fight for fresh

Jasmi Bonnén was born in Turku on the West coast of Finland, and she spent most of her childhood in Africa due to her father’s work and moved to Denmark as a young professional, ending up as Marketing Manager for L’Oréal Paris. That was also when the idea to start her own skincare range came, over ten years ago.

— At the time, we were implementing the new EU rules for labelling of cosmetics. One of the new requirements was that all cosmetic products should have a visible expiry date. But there was an exception to this rule: if a product has a minimum durability of more than 30 months — that is 2.5 years or more — it doesn’t need to have an expiry date. Not surprisingly, products that could last longer than 30 months very quickly became the industry standard for shelf life, she explains.

When aware of this fact, she started looking for information about the effect of time on cosmetics. 

— I was surprised to find several studies showing that commonly used active ingredients, such as vitamins, start losing their beneficial properties in just a matter of months — and not years — after blending, because of oxidation. Another downside of long shelf life is the use of synthetic preservatives and other additives, which are needed to preserve and stabilise the formulas over time. I became more and more convinced that there was a need for a fresh skincare alternative on the market. And, six years ago, I finally gathered up the courage to quit my comfortable corporate job and take the frightening leap into ­entrepreneurship.

”Not surprisingly, products that could last longer than 30 months very quickly became the industry standard for shelf life,”

While Jasmi Bonnén is now based in New York, NUORI (Finnish for ”young”) is headquartered in Copenhagen. They call their philosophy ”Fight for Fresh,” built around the simple fact that freshly blended skincare gives them the unique opportunity to create the purest formulas with the highest level of efficacy.

— Our products can be kept truly pure and highly potent, as no synthetic preservatives or other additives are needed to artificially prolong the stability and shelf life of the products. The efficacy of our formula is higher, since active ingredients are not weakened by time-related breakdown. To ensure this high level of freshness, our products are blended in small batches every 10 to 12 weeks and promptly delivered to our retail partners around the world.

The range consists of 100 % natural face, body, and hair products.

— We’ve had a lot of focus on the face care range since these products demand the most complex and innovative formulas in order to deliver visible results. We recently launched our Infinity line that is based on highly effective, bio-engineered ingredients and the latest innovations in natural science for treating aging skin. It will help improve skin’s overall appearance by making it smoother, younger-looking with a unified tone and a healthy, youthful glow — everything you would wish for in such a line, says Bonnén. She continues:

— Our Shield haircare line is also quite unique since we have applied our expertise from our skincare formulas to develop a line of hair care products that give equal love to the scalp, roots, and hair. Formulated with new and advanced natural-derived active ingredients, it delivers the same performance that we usually only expect from our skincare formulas. Each formula on the range is designed to promote long-lasting change for healthier, stronger hair from roots to ends. 

How do you think the beauty industry needs to transform itself?

— First, of course, is the matter of artificially prolonged shelf lives of cosmetics. The reason for this is economies of scale. The larger the number of products a company produces in one run, the lower the unit cost. But the downsides are clear: long shelf lives are made possible through the use of extensive synthetic additives, and we already know the performance of products deteriorates over time. 

The economies of scale thinking, Bonnén says, also leads to another problem: overproduction. 

— Even if products can last four, five, or six years, it is far from certain that these companies can sell the huge number of products they have produced, and a significant portion end up being scrapped. This is a topic that is very rarely discussed in our industry because it’s generally hidden from consumers. But the truth is that no matter how ”sustainable” your packaging or manufacturing is, overproduction is obviously still extremely unsustainable from a resource waste perspective.

— Second, we will be moving towards radical transparency from brands. Not just ”greenwashing” or ”authentic voices” but true transparency. This is an area that large cosmetic companies still struggle with — probably because there is such a long distance between their consumers and the top management. At NUORI, we’re very fortunate to have customers that are knowledgeable and genuinely curious about production methods, ingredient sourcing, and packaging sustainability. 


11 innovative beauty forerunners

ALGICA — Anti-polluting algae 

Startup Swedish Algae Factory cultivates a type of algae called diatoms and extracts its unique shell material. The material is branded under the name ­Algica and is ECOCERT and COSMOS approved. It lays claim to being a moisturiser, cleanser, rheology modifier, and anti-polluting ingredient, and is already included in True Organic of Sweden’s face cream, Make My Day. A recent in-vitro study also showed that the material works as an SBP booster. In-vivo SBP boosting tests are planned for the end of this year, followed by UV filter tests. 

BAST — A functional fighter

The French-Swedish brand, founded by well-recognised French perfumer and professional kick boxer David Frossard, joins the growing functional body care trend. Developed for athletes, the products are created to help people prevent injuries and muscular pain as well as for daily hygiene. They’re all produced in Sweden and based on natural ingredients, with a noticeable effect. The Bruise Control, for example, helps to reduce swelling and pain to intensify the recovery process. The key ingredient is Arnica Flower extract, which has been used throughout the ages to ­reduce swelling.

DERMYN — Well-developed dermatology 

This new brand introduces a range of products for face and eyes with a strong focus on firming and lifting. It includes patented formula Tricutan, developed in collaboration with dermatologists at one of Europe’s premier health facilities, Swedish Karolinska University Hospital, which shows measurable results within 45 minutes. The target consumer is a busy young woman that demands fast results, sustainable products, and desires natural and healthy skin.

SELAHATIN — Luxurious paste  

Founder Kristoffer Vural, named one of the world’s most innovative entrepreneurs by Monocle recently, describes Selahatin as the artisanal oral care brand. The toothpaste combines crafted blends, minimalist aesthetics, and Swiss science in an industry that has solely been focused on function. That has opened doors to high-end stockists — Selfridges, Rinascente, Andreas Murkudis and more — in 15 countries and has, thus, taken the category places it’s never been. 

RESEROL — Anti-aging activation 

Founded by a group of researchers, entrepreneurs, and creators, Reserol’s aim is to make the latest research available to consumers through innovative products, packed in Nordic minimalism at an affordable price level. The line includes Resveratrol Boosting Films, a high-end dietary supplement containing the bioactive substance resveratrol. Long known as nature’s own anti-aging molecule, ­Reserol’s unique technology, FFT, enables absorption of active compounds via the oral lining and facilitates a fast uptake and distribution to the tissues. 

ZARKOPERFUME — Scent of science

Founder Zarko Ahlmann Pavlov believes that we’re in a new era, where customers demand to know the nose (industry-speak for perfumer) behind a brand, rather than just using machine-made fragrances. His brand is a pioneer in innovative molecular fragrances, representing the highest level of craftsmanship within fine fragrances. ”I’m fascinated by what attracts humans, and what specific molecules trigger pheromones to be elevated, and how they fit into the brain and the responses they create,” he says.

SKINTOLOGY STOCKHOLM — Tech-based skincare

Always looking for the latest and most innovative technologies, this Swedish duo works a lot with bio-tech and extraction of plant substances through ultrasound. The range includes a cleanser, serum, day and night cream, and sheet masks with a patented bio cellulose technology for the demanding consumer. The latest addition, The Basics Oil Gel, comes with an unusual gel consistency that melts into an oil. And they’re all developed in their own laboratory, or micro factory, in the heart of the Swedish capital.

MAKE THE MAKE  — Makeup with benefits

Skincare-infused makeup has been spotted as this autumn’s major beauty trend and e-tailer Skincity’s in-house brand was one of the first to jump on it. They add active skincare ingredients to enhance your look and benefit skin health at the same time. The products are both versatile and affordable so you can build a full routine from what’s called a new generation of makeup products at a reasonable price.

EXUVIANCE — Extracurricular activities 

The innovators of innovators? Exuviance was founded by two dermatology professors, who also discovered one of the industry’s major ingredient categories; fruit acids, better known as AHA and PHA. Over the years, they’ve also introduced several other patented technologies: Bionic PHA, the third generation acids with additional moisturising and barrier-strengthening effects on the skin; amino sugar NeoGlucosamine, and CitraFill and Aminofil, the latest generation of anti-aging technologies. Earlier this year they launched a major brand update, including a new name: Exuviance Professional.

OLAPLEX — Healing hair

The products feature first-of-their-kind, patented, bond-building technology, which relinks the broken disulfide bonds caused by damage to the hair. The line contains shampoo, conditioner, leave-in cream, oil, and rinse out treatments. The latest launch — professional-inspired, intensive treatment Olaplex No.0 — contains the highest concentration of the special technology of any Olaplex at home product.

KEVIN MURPHY — Friendly packaging 

Since 2018, when being the first beauty brand to offer packaging made with 100% Ocean Waste Plastic, Kevin Murphy has saved an estimated 360 tonnes of plastic from entering the ocean each year. His brand also utilises recyclable or biodegradable packaging and only uses natural ingredients from sustainable and renewable sources, harvested in a way that does no harm to the environment. The latest innovation is their new SCALP series, a two-product offering with an exfoliating scrub and a specially formulated shampoo designed with micellar water and celery seed extract to sooth and cleanse the scalp, leaving the hair feeling clean and ­moisturised.

Key takeaway 

Brands that are honest about their sustainability efforts and transparent about ingredients are in a good position to win.   




”We offer pragmatic solutions for long term efficiency, not a temporary fix”

Amplified in the covid context, we see a rise of meaningful products with a real function. That’s why Stanislas Le Bert, Deputy General Manager of Sales & Marketing at L:a Bruket, believe the brand is in a good position.

— Our founders, Mats Johansson and Monica Kylén, have been nourishing the brand with a few fundamental values: simplicity, humility, inclusivity, and naturality, he explains. Interpreting the Swedish spa culture within a modern twist, capitalizing on nature, and working with and not against it. Simple and non-gender beauty routines. Extended beauty, not only for your body, but also your face, your hair, your hands as well as your home, for a full sensorial journey. We offer pragmatic solutions for long term efficiency, not a temporary fix.

All products are manufactured in Sweden, including the new sheet masks, launching this fall.

— There are a lot of sheet masks available on the market. And a lot include microplastics particles. Bio-cellulose sheet masks are biodegradable because they are made from the fermentation of coconut juice. After using it on your face, you can throw it into your compost. The serum — soaked in the sheet — is also all natural.

 How do you work to transform the beauty industry? 

— We humbly work on our small scale to bring disruptive solutions to the industry. We distinguish formulation to packaging. For the first one, we are currently getting all our catalogue fully Cosmos certified. This phase is more to clarify our offer than to change it, since nearly none of our references requires reformulation. Which means products created years ago were already Cosmos compliant but were missing the Cosmos logo on it. From now on, all our new launches will systematically be Cosmos certified, giving more clarity to consumers looking for a green beauty label. For our ingredient sourcing, we increasingly focus in sourcing natural Swedish-inspired ingredients, such as birch or nettle used in our latest hair category. This will drive our innovation forward. We put on energy in creating natural and green formula, to ensure a natural and safe ecosystem to our skin, and avoid any water pollution. 

— Then the packaging, for which we are currently looking for new solutions, additionally to the refills we already suggest to candle and soap lines. Scandinavia shows interesting innovative solutions we are keen to explore. But sustainability must be a corporate spirit, from packing in our own warehouse to individual employee motivation to minimize their impact in their daily lives.