Björn Borg uses recycled coffee waste for new Christmas Collection

The Christmas Collection is inspired by the new reality we are facing with lockdowns, working from home, and strong restrictions regarding how and where to train, tells Creative Director Andreas Gran.

—The new sweatsuit program is perfect for a ​video conference at home as well as to and from the gym. ​The materials are of course sustainably sourced.

Through their sustainability program B. Tomorrow, Björn Borg aims towards a fully sustainable range. They now use 0% conventional cotton and have reached a 42% decrease in Co2 carbon footprint since 2013. And, adding innovation to their Christmas Collection using S.Café’s technology not only helps them to reach that goal but also increases its functionality.

— S. Café is a fabric manufacturer from Taiwan doing yarn out of recycled coffee waste. With so much of the coffee bean ending up in the trash, S.Café recycles the waste from local café chains, and makes fabric out of it, in a mix with recycled PET. The fabric offers 200% faster drying than cotton, absorbs odors, and reflects UV rays. One T-shirt can be made out of three cups of coffee grounds and five recycled plastic bottles, tells Gran.

When Björn Borg started to see restrictions at gyms, they saw a need to add products that could help maintain good habits at home instead, now launching their own home workout equipment range.

— It’s a kit of training products that make it possible to complete a great workout at home. Training for me is a way to deal with life. To get ​the strength to take on the challenges you face at work and in life. To get calm, happy, and a better version of myself. So, I use it almost every day, says Gran.


6 essentials from the worlds of sports, outdoor, beauty, and tech

Bang & Olufsen’s new flagship headphones

Beoplay H95 is the Danish sound specialist’s finest wireless headphones yet, celebrating their 95th anniversary. Except for the highest quality both in sound and materials, it features long-lasting comfort thanks to the over-ear design with soft lambskin ear cushions, really effective noice reduction, and a completely revamped head-band design for a cleaner look. The earpad design fits nicely around the ears and is no bigger than necessary. This shape, formed in soft memory foam, also creates good contact to the skin, which is important to block the noise from outside.

Björn Borg’s reflective capsule

The Swedish sports fashion brand just released their Running from Daylight collection, a men’s and women’s limited edition for fall. Featuring reflective graphic prints with different sayings the brand strongly believes in, such as ”Advantage”, ”It comes from within”, ”Against any norm”, they hope to inspire people to reach their full potential. All while highlighting the importance of being seen in the dark when out training.

Haglöfs’ super-versatile trekking shoe

The new men’s and women’s silhouette Duality AT1 GT offers a combination of comfort, good support, and protection. It’s made of sustainable premium materials, by and for the outdoor enthusiasts. As the name suggests, it comes with not just one, but two pairs of midsoles — one for tough terrain and one for smoother surfaces — so you could basically describe it as two pairs of shoes in one. Or, simply put: next-level versatility.

Meraki’s organic face care

Does it get more Scandinavian than this? Developed and produced in Denmark, Meraki’s brand new face care series (also the top picture) offers mild and nourishing products that will keep your skin looking healthy and radiant. Each one of the seven organic products is rich in active ingredients that cleanse, nourish, and moisturize.

Babor’s instant energy for fatigued male skin

The leading German skincare brand is best known for their signature product as they were the first brand to introduce single-use ampoules, offering the highest concentration for instant results. Today, they sell 200 ampoules a minute on 70 markets across the world. This fall, as part of their relaunched Babor Men line, they introduce Instant Energy Ampoules, a powerful energy kick for male skin. For maximum result, use the seven ampoules in one box in the morning once a day during one week, after cleansing, before your day cream.

…and a little something for the weekend

If you happen’ to be in Stockholm, this weekend’s sale Club Vintage is a must. The recurring event, hosted by Shirtonomy’s Creative Director Tobias Skogquist, is a concept for those who appreciate the craftsmanship behind sartorial quality products as well as sustainable consumption, at an affordable price. Address: Jungfrugatan 29.