Bolon launches game-changing VR collection

She describes the new base collection Emerge as anything but basic or traditional.

— We’ve worked hard to find the perfect shades to match the modern needs and the highest quality for the long run. In the VR tool we are launching together with the collection, everyone can see how perfectly this collection appears on a large scale with a strong personality.

The Swedish international design brand produces premium flooring to the contract market worldwide and 95% of the family company’s sales goes on export.

— I think Emerge will become a bestseller very soon, Eklund adds.

Tell us about that new VR platform. How does it work?

— We always strive to try out new things and as VR has been in the loop for some years now, we now found the perfect timing to create a world of design where we could express our identity, not only by showing our flooring. Our products come to life with this tool, as it’s impossible for us to create such a space in reality to show them. VR is already used by architects and we’re happy they can be swept away in a cool fantasy world that also works as a reality tool for them.

How will VR change how you and your customers work?

— VR will hopefully become more user friendly for Mac users, and when that happens, I guess it will explode. In the meantime, we will continue to launch our news in this platform to constantly keep it alive. The tool today consists of an office, hotel, and a museum, where we’ll invite guest artists to exhibit. I believe that we have taken the possibilities to create unexpected but trustworthy happenings within our design community. This is something that feeds us with new energy every day.


Susan Szatmáry makes use of BOLON’s waste material in new bag collection

In many ways, Susan Szatmáry has already made the world her oyster. She was born in Baghdad and raised in Sweden, studied in Italy and has lived in London and Paris. Her international and modern design approach has landed her jobs at Alexander McQueen, Céline, Elie SAAB, and Paco Rabanne just to name a few. Today she also runs the new self-titled brand SUSAN SZATMÁRY that operates in Sweden.

And it is in Sweden where Susan Szatmáry has launched her latest project. Szatmáry turned to Swedish rug and flooring solution brand BOLON to make use of their waste vinyl material.

— When Susan contacted us and told us about her idea to make bags out of our waste material it instantly felt like the right thing. We already have sustainability in our DNA and always want to help young creators and visionaries. To see our woven floor material in a feminine and luxurious bag collection, crafted in top-notch Italian artisan feels amazing, says Annica Eklund, Chief Creative Officer at BOLON.

The collection consists of a clutch bag, a pouch bag and specially designed jewellery. The limited collection is available at