H&M shares Life Cycle Assessment data in new Lee collab

Lee x H&M is a quite ambitious collaboration, where the two brands took a holistic approach to sustainability, looking at every stage of denim production. The fabric is obviously crucial and the recycled cotton jeans are made from 80% post-industrial waste and 20% post-consumer waste. They include non-leather backpatches made from cork and jacron paper. There’s also cotton-free denim, made from renewable man-made fibers, as well as water-saving dyes and third party verified lower impact denim washes regarding water usage, chemical, and energy consumption.

And, for the first time, H&M will share Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) data online, indicating the water, C02, and energy impact of each denim garment from raw materials to end of use.

— We just loved working with Lee to push for change for more sustainable and circular denim garments and looked at every detail and challenged each other in a positive way, says Jon Loman, designer at H&M.

The collab will be available on, as well as selected H&M stores, from January 28.


H&M deepens circular partnerships with online startups Sellpy and Repamera

Repamera is a Swedish online tailor, repairing and customizing all types of clothing. while second-hand e-commerce Sellpy has been part of H&M Group since last year, also entering the German market earlier this year.

H&M’s already storing clothing collection bins in all of their stores. As of tomorrow, every store in Sweden will carry special bags, as part of the new stations for repair, reuse, and recycle, from the two startups, to help and encourage customers to sell or repair their used goods. 

— Our vision is that it is easier to repair and customize clothes than to buy new ones. This is our absolute biggest step to achieve this! says Gillberg.

Recycle station at one of H&M’s stores in Stockholm.

— With our customers’ increased awareness and demand for services that help extend the life of clothes, we’re really excited to deepen our collaboration with Sellpy and Repamera. We’ve set ambitious goals to become climate-positive and circular. But, to get there we need to bring our customers on the journey as the use phase accounts for 13 percent of a garment’s climate impact. We’re constantly testing new initiatives and scaling up those that work, which means that together with our customers we can reduce the climate impact, says Felicia Reuterswärd, Sustainability Manager, H&M Sweden.

H&M has also launched its own shop-in-shop at, where H&M members get 15% off when they purchase used H&M garments from Sellpy. The same member discount also applies to Repamera’s services.

— Our ambition has always been to make it as easy as possible to sell your items. Being able to offer our bags across H&M’s stores makes our service even more convenient and accessible, says Michael Arnör, CEO and co-founder of Sellpy.