Interior design agency Fyra explores the new era of office environments

Awarded Interior Architecture Agency of the Year 2020 by the Finnish Association of Interior Architects (SIO), Helsinki-based design office Fyra now conducts active research with its clients to test out new procedures for post-pandemic office spaces.

—The focus of offices is shifting from independent workstations to spaces that facilitate collaboration and project work, says Niina Sihto.

One of the developed solutions is the space in a space Oasis, designed in cooperation with green wall company Naava. The lightweight modifiable structure is made with a plywood frame and acrylic walls and produced by local carpenters. It makes it possible to maintain distance and privacy while keeping a shared space and the green walls clean and humidify the air.

— The time of the pandemic has clearly resulted in an increased need for people-centric and wellbeing-boosting design of office spaces. Biophilic spatial design, which aims to create natural-like environments in interiors and reconnect people to nature, is on the rise, says Sihto.

One obvious essential aspect of the new normal is a well-equipped home office. Remote offices are here to stay and remote working is changing our lives in a significant way. Fyra has designed the Fem working desk together with Made by Choice. It enables ergonomic working at home and also functions as a multi-use piece of furniture at home. The simple yet modifiable structure makes it possible to work by either sitting down or standing up. Or, turn into a simple shelving structure or, for instance, a kitchen side table. 

— It is essential to find the best set to work with for everyone according to their own needs. At its best, we will have more purposeful, comfortable, and functional office environments after the pandemic, says Niina Sihto.