Preppy meets outdoorsy in Gant and Diemme’s new drop

Luxe Italian footwear brand Diemme has been designing rigid hiking boots out of the Dolomites for decades, and on the other side of the Atlantic ocean, Gant has been busy laying the foundation for American preppy sportswear for about 70 years now. This month the two are coming together for a special collection that merges together prominent Italian mountaineering and modern urban prep.

Both Gant and Diemme share a vision of durability and longevity as key factors in the design and production of their products. And for the two brand’s first collaboration, Diemme’s classic Roccia Vet hiking boot gets an urban touch to deal with urban hiking problems — custom tonal and non-tonal rubber trims are added to protect the boots from rocks, mud, and road salt.

— Diemme has been on my radar for a long time. They’re the perfect example of a brand that has catapulted a heritage product range into the higher echelons of fashion without compromising on quality and craftsmanship. When the opportunity to collaborate came along it was a no brainer, says GANT’s Global Artistic Director, Christopher Bastin.


”We’re trying to reinvent the classic surf brand in a new shape”

While working as a designer at Acne Studios for three years, the Stockholm-based entrepreneur came up with an idea to create something new around surfing culture.

— I’ve always had an interest in building things, and the natural thing was to start making my own surfboards, he tells.

His brand offers a range of essential surf products, such as surfboards, wetsuits and other surf accessories.

— We’re trying to reinvent the classic surf brand in a new shape, and broaden the audience. We want to create a space to let the past, present, and future of surfboard culture, art, and fashion live in symbiosis. Our essential surf products are accompanied by a core wardrobe that reflects the brand DNA, where a majority is made from recycled or organic fabrics, using great European factories.

Tonight, you’re awarded Talent of the Year at NK Galan. How’s the reception been so far, you think?

— It’s been great and shows that we are onto something. We spent a lot of energy on developing our key surf products, wetsuits, and surfboards, which I think is paying off. Coming up next is a new line of clothing, surfboards, and winter wetsuits, plus several really exciting projects, says Haglund Glad.