The Transformation Exhibition 6/11

Photographer Ahmet Unver and stylist Maria Barsoum showcase the transformation for teenagers who are trying to transfer into adults.

Tell us about the team? 
Fashion and documentary photographer Ahmet Unver, exciting and up-and-coming stylist Maria Barsoum, hair enthusiast Philip Fohlin and makeup artist Sara Eriksson.

How did you choose to interpret the theme of Transformation in your story?

I thought of teenagers who are coming of age and are trying to find their identities. Subsequently, teenagers are going through a massive transformation. And I really hope that they will be the generation to bring change to our societies for a better future. 

Why is this angle/intepretation important right now?

I wouldn’t claim it’s a new angle, but still important to lift youth.

Tell us about the production; where did you shoot and why? 

We shot in Södermalm as it’s a vibrant meeting point of Stockholm with lots of youthful energy and ideas.

What was the most challenging part about this production? 

The casting and the weather. We got lucky with both. Mathias at Nisch was very helpful regarding the casting.

What was the most rewarding part of this production?

The day of the shoot, the photos and spending time with the models and the crew.

What is the most important issue to focus on in the immediate future?

Amongst many things, more equal opportunities for all minorities in the creative industries. I don’t see the different minorities we have in Sweden being represented in tarts, and compared to London we’re way behind. I think it’s super important that young people with minority backgrounds get role models from early on. 


Film: The Transformation Exhibition

We have created a film to serve as a virtual opening to The Transformation Exhibition, now on display at Blique by Nobis in Stockholm. Hear our fashion director and exhibition curator Ursula Wångander talk about the ideas behind the photographs. Plus a few words from our partners at Blique and TMG Sthlm.


Renowned photographer Mikael Jansson exhibits 20-year-old portfolio

When it comes to fashion photography, Mikael Jansson’s portfolio is rather incomparable. He has photographed for more than four decades and can boast some remarkable clients and portraits, like Isabella Rossellini, Kate Moss, Christy Turlington, Iggy Pop, Miuccia Prada, and Penelope Cruz to name a few.

The current exhibition launches today, 6 November, and covers the time from the 90s until today with a great focus on Jansson’s many portraits. It was perhaps the 90s where Jansson flourished the most, with countless shoots for Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and many more.

— Working with Mikael Jansson is a privilege. His knack for erasing the barriers between the glamourous and the every day, and the way he is able to so naturally enter into dialogue with timeless artistic principles jointly ensure that nobody views his pictures unmoved. Whether it’s 1994 or 2020, this feels like the perfect choice right now, says Michael Elmenbeck, Creative Director & Head of Exhibitions at CFHILL.

The exhibition entitled Unscripted Scenes: The Art of Mikael is available at CFHILL, Stockholm, until 28 November 2020.