VEJA launches bio-based runners shoe

This week on February third VEJA launched their sequel of the Condor shoe, Condor 2. The shoe is designed for everything from casual workouts, long-distance running and rehab training. But we say the stylish shoe is not only for workouts. Condor 2 is even lighter than its predecessor but with maximal comfort, stability, and support. The layer of material on the top of the Condor has been removed on the Condor 2. It comes in different colours from earthier tones to pink and neon.

The Condor 2 is produced in Brazil from local raw materials, 57 per cent of which are reusable and biobased. There are no petroleum-based materials in the Condor or Condor 2 which is unique for running shoes. This makes the Condor models a better choice for the environment.

The first Condor was so groundbreaking it received the price for product of the year at the outdoor fair ISPO in 2020. Condor 2 is even more considerate of people and the environment. Some of the materials used in the Condor 2 are recycled PET-bottles, sugarcanes, banana oil, and Amazonas rubber.

The logistics are managed by Log-ins, based in Villabé in Paris, a professional and social inclusion company that helps people outside of the social safety net to get back into society and get a job. Since 2005 VEJA has helped 215 people to get jobs and sold 3.5 million pairs of sneakers.

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