”We aim to build a new Scandi brand with a curiosity and an open eye towards the world”

Stockholm-based Colekt is launched this fall by female entrepreneurs Ellen af Petersens and Susanne Vennerstrand, sparked by a common interest in arts, design, and architecture. They describe the brand as a green niche alternative for urban contemporary living.

— The idea is to put clean green nature in a bottle and make Scandi living attractive, with our great heritage in healthy living and enjoying the outdoors. Our belief is that the content is equally important as the elevated artful design. With a global approach and a longing for long-lasting clean beauty, we want to be a part of the increased consciousness around the world, to contribute with clean and active skin-care, an urban lifestyle and fragrance with a Scandi take, the duo says.

Tell us about your product range.

— It’s unisex made in small batches in Sweden by a team of expert chemists in a state of the art factory. We use exclusive and clean certified ingredients carefully sourced for their potency and formulated by the latest scientific research and technology. Our fragrances, La Chambre, Persona, and Void, are developed in close collaboration with a noteworthy perfume house in France and produced in Sweden. They’re all deep and multilayered, composed by all-natural ingredients with an intense fragrance image.

How do you think the beauty industryneeds to transform itself to become evenmore relevant?

— I think more consumers are asking themselves: ”What’s in it for me?” Clean beauty is a way of living.

And how do you work to transform it?

— Through our concept with a unisex Scandinavian functional approach, for everybody to use and share.

What’s next for you?

— A collection of premium scented candles to match each fragrance and new products to extend the skincare and life-style range of exclusive unisex serums and face masks. From start, we are launching internationally at selected retailers ande-tailers, including Le Bon Marché in Paris, Nitty Gritty in Stockholm, and the new lifestyle section of SSENSE, as well as our own webshop. We are looking towards the Asian market right now and there is a great interest for Scandinavian brands and lifestyle combined with clean living, says af Petersens and Vennerstrand, adding,

— We aim to build a global brand and set a foundation for the House of Colekt, a new Scandi brand with a curiosity and an open eye towards the world.

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